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Grapefruit labeling machine? Pomelo can also achieve automatic sticker labeling? Yes, you read that right. For pomelo and Shatian pomelo, Chongkong Automation has specially launched a pomelo labeling machine for pomelo and shatian pomelo. It is also called shatian pomelo labeling machine and grapefruit self-adhesive labeling machine. . This equipment can solve the problems of wrinkles and slow efficiency caused by manual grapefruit labeling. It has the characteristics of fast speed, good labeling effect, and batch labeling. Let's take a look at the effect of grapefruit after labeling, the picture is as follows:

The grapefruit in the picture is on the occasion of the coming of the New Year, with a sticker label of "Gongxi to get rich, good luck". The product looks good, the packaging is high-grade, and the meaning is good. The grapefruit is fragrant, sweet and sour, cool, nutritious, and medicine It is of high value and is one of the fruits that people like to eat. It is also recognized as the most therapeutic fruit in the medical field. It is really a must-have for home travel and gifts for relatives and friends.
There are three labeling methods that are commonly used in the market for grapefruit labeling machines: the first is to directly label on the side of the grapefruit, and you can put your own brand label and image label; the second is to put a sticker on the label. , And then wrap with shrink film; the third is to wrap grapefruit and Shatian grapefruit after wrapping with shrink film. Regardless of the type, the grapefruit automatic labeling machine can perform labeling.

Why use grapefruit labeling machine (Shatian grapefruit labeling machine)? What are the benefits of using a grapefruit labeling machine?
1. Improve product appearance grade, enhance value, and enhance competitiveness. Both the grapefruit and the Shatian pomelo have fierce competition in the market. Even in the place of origin, fruit farmers lack market information, and grapefruits are sold at a low price. Many fruit growers pick the grapefruits and sell them directly to purchasers or to the local market. These grapefruits are not packaged. Under the conditions of regional saturation, it is difficult to sell at a good price; if they want to sell outside the production area, they must Only through appearance packaging can more intrinsic value be increased. The appearance of the grapefruits packaged with a grapefruit labeling machine or a Shatian grapefruit labeling machine is not what it used to be. It is not a problem for large department stores, large shopping malls, and high-end fruit retail. The products are not only tall, And the price is expensive.
2. People rely on clothing, and pomelo also needs packaging. To pack, you have to use a pomelo labeling machine to put your own label on it to start your own brand. As shown in the picture above, the value of the labeled grapefruit, whether it is a large department store or a supermarket, can at least increase in value several times. A label is only a few cents, and a grapefruit labeling machine is only tens of thousands of dollars. There are four seasons of grapefruit. It can be said that the investment is small, the return is large and the long-term.
3. Easy to manage, packaging output and quality are guaranteed. The equipment is easy to operate, learn right away, do not require too much labor cost, and is easy to manage. The automatic grapefruit labeling machine has fast speed, good labeling effect and guaranteed quality.
Scope of application of grapefruit labeling machine: suitable for side or double side labeling of grapefruit and shatian pomelo, single label and double label can be applied. Applicable label: self-adhesive label. The following are the basic parameters of the grapefruit labeling machine:
Labeling accuracy: ±1mm (excluding product and label errors)
Labeling speed: 40~200 pieces/minute (related to product and label size)
Applicable label size: length: 6mm~250mm, width (bottom paper width): 6mm~130mm
The inner diameter of the label roll: Φ76 mm
The maximum outer diameter of the label: Φ280 mm
Dimension of the whole machine (length×width×height): 1100mm×700mm×1450mm
Power of the whole machine: 380W (stepping motor for traction), 830W (servo for traction)
Applicable power supply: 220V/50HZ
Power of the whole machine: 200W
The weight of the whole machine: about 70Kg
Click the red text link to view the details of the grapefruit labeling machine.
Where is the grapefruit labeling machine or Shatian grapefruit labeling machine available? Or is it a labeling machine manufacturer?
Mingkong Automation is a professional manufacturer of labeling machines in Dongguan. It has a pomelo labeling machine (Shatian pomelo labeling machine) specifically for automatic labeling of grapefruit and shatian pomelo. The company is in line with major fruit farmers, orchard owners, retailers, and wholesalers. Companies and manufacturers have enhanced the competitiveness of grapefruit, and carefully developed and tested this grapefruit labeling machine, which can be combined with a special assembly line to realize the online labeling of grapefruit. The company has advanced technology, considerate service and perfect after-sales system. Welcome to inquire.
The price of the grapefruit labeling machine and how much does the Shatian grapefruit labeling machine cost? This may be the most concerned issue for everyone. In fact, this labeling machine depends on how the corresponding assembly line determines the conveyor belt, so the price will not be specific, so it is not easy to quote directly with customers and friends who need it. If you need this grapefruit labeling Customers and friends of the machine, you can contact us to control the situation, and we will make a quote.
Why choose the pomelo labeling machine (Shatian pomelo labeling machine)?

If your grapefruit and Shatian pomelo need to be labeled, please contact Yankong Automation. If your friends have such a demand, please tell him this grapefruit labeling machine and Shatian pomelo labeling machine to make his grapefruits more expensive Better prices, everyone has face.
The manufacturer of grapefruit (shatian pomelo) labeling machine, and you are welcome to call!
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