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The development of self-adhesive labeling machines in my country should increase independent innovation

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Core reminder: The development process of labeling machines in my country has gone from the high-priced monopoly of foreign machines to the forced retreat of foreign brands and national independent brands, which makes the people very pleased. After the decline of foreign machines, the uneven level of domestic national brands is now particularly abrupt.


The labeling machine plays a pivotal role in the packaging industry and is a key factor in determining the beauty and ugliness of the product. In recent years, the rapid development of self-adhesive labeling machines is precisely based on adapting to consumers' high-level requirements for product appearance packaging that require more conciseness, sanitation, and beauty in addition to the basic functions of the product. The environment of consumers' increasing material consumption levels, and the major benefits that the World Packaging Center is gradually shifting to China, according to data, China's label production and consumption are ready to surpass the United States to become the largest label producer. China's packaging machinery and labeling machines are facing major opportunities. At the same time of opportunity, we should also recognize the gap between domestic and foreign countries, face up to our own shortcomings, and constantly strengthen ourselves in order to seize the opportunity before the tide of opportunities.

At present, the entire labeling machine industry environment is: from the perspective of the development of the entire industry and market demand, the single variety, backward technology, poor product reliability and other reasons restrict the development of the enterprise. Many packaging machinery manufacturers are trying to upgrade their products. , But many of them are only improved on the basis of the original equipment. It can be said that the soup is not changed, there is no innovation and development, and the application of high-end technology is lacking. At present, the overall technical level of packaging machinery of many companies is not up to standard, leading equipment cannot be manufactured, and market demand cannot be met. In addition, there is no comprehensive development plan in the industry, and the government lacks corresponding macro-control, resulting in the relative development of domestic labeling machinery. behind.

Compared with foreign developed countries, domestic labeling machines for national brands lack many advanced technologies, such as networked, green, flexible, and intelligent equipment. These high-end features are not yet available in some Chinese packaging machinery and equipment. Show it, so we must focus on the application of science and technology, and continue to introduce advanced equipment that meets the needs of the market.

Therefore, the development of the labeling machine industry must increase independent innovation, increase independent scientific research investment, and improve the technological content of equipment to meet the development of the industry and society. We recommend that the labeling machine industry can do the following four points:

1. Focus on talents and cultivate talents. The level of crystallization of talents and wisdom will determine the performance level of your labeling machine.

2. Establish a special research and development institution, make a budget for scientific research investment, and vigorously support the research and development of new products and new technologies.

3. Brand awareness operation. Establish a brand awareness, don’t lose too much because of the short-term benefits that lack long-term considerations.

4. Enhance technical exchanges in the industry, do not close, and strive to improve the development level of the nation's overall labeling machinery and packaging machinery, and narrow the gap with foreign countries.

The above is the summary of the development process of the labeling machine and the independent innovation suggestions of the labeling machine. For more information about the labeling machine industry, please pay attention to the official website of the labeling machine.

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