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Maintenance and care tips for automatic labeling machines (accessories)

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When we buy an automatic labeling machine, how to maintain the accessories in the automatic labeling machine is also the most concerned issue of many customers, because the failure of the machine will affect all aspects of product production, resulting in a decline in product quality and output. The problem is that we need to pay more attention to normal operation, and at the same time maintain the labeling machine reasonably to avoid machine failure. If it is well maintained, the machine will run normally and run for a long time without affecting the production tasks and product quality of the machine. Let us learn about the maintenance and care of automatic labeling machine accessories.

First: Keep the accessories of the automatic labeling machine clean. If you accidentally damage the water surface during use, you should wipe it dry after use. Keep the surface clean and dry.

Second: Metal guide rails, hinges, hinges, etc. should be lubricated regularly to maintain lubrication and brightness. Never hit or scratch the surface of hardware accessories with hard objects, avoid contact with hydrochloric acid, salt, brine and other characteristics.

Third: There are serious stains or scratches on the surface. For fireworks burns, you can use fine sandpaper (400-500) to lightly grind the surface, and then use a scouring cloth.

Fourth: Do not scrape the surface with sharp, hard objects. Use a damp cloth to scrub or damp a damp cloth with neutral detergent or detergent. Wipe dry water before cleaning.

Fifth: Do not put high-temperature cups or other high-temperature objects directly on furniture hardware (glass, stainless steel, metal handles, etc.). ), a tripod, heat insulation pad, etc. should be used. To avoid discoloration or blistering on the surface.

The above is about the maintenance and care tips of automatic labeling machine accessories, I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more about the labeling machine, please contact us.

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