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Automatic labeling machine, the reason and solution of label falling off and broken label

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In the process of our operation and use of the labeling machine, occasionally there will be problems with labels falling off or broken labels, so when these problems occur, how to find the causes and solve them? The following censoring engineers will solve them one by one for everyone.

1. Reasons for label falling off:

The labels of the labeling machine are divided into paste labels and self-adhesive labels. Nowadays, few companies use paste labels, and basically switch to self-adhesive labels. Here we take self-adhesive labels to explain.

1. Label quality problems: For example, the quality of the self-adhesive is poor and the aging is fast, and the quality of the paper is poor...so don’t always think about cheap when choosing a self-adhesive label. There is a saying that goes well: you get what you pay for! Of course, I am not saying that the most expensive is the best. You still need to weigh and compare everything yourself.

2. The conveying speed of the conveyor belt is too fast and does not reach a balanced speed, resulting in the tight label brush not making the label fully adhered.

3. It may also be the problem of peeling off the target board.

2. Reasons for label breaking:

1. The quality of the label itself: the labeling machine cuts out a wound on the bottom paper of the self-adhesive label. When we look closely at the bottom paper, we will find a neat cut. The solution to the problem is to re-select a new label suitable for this labeling machine. Choose stronger label paper.

2. The peeling label is too sharp: In addition to the label quality, the peeling label is too sharp to cut the bottom paper directly. The solution is to apply for after-sales service or find someone to polish the stripping plate by yourself, and polish until the stripping plate is smoother.

3. The stripping board is skewed up and down, and you can adjust it neatly.

4. The tensioning mechanism is too tight, and the strength is uneven, causing the label to break, just adjust it well.

The above is an explanation of the reasons and solutions for the automatic labeling machine, the label falling off and the label broken. I hope to help you, and I want to know more about the labeling machine. Welcome to inquire.

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