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How to quickly distinguish between true and false labeling machine manufacturers

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How to find a labeling machine manufacturer? How to tell if it is a real labeling machinery manufacturer? The following is an explanation of "How to quickly distinguish the true and false labeling machine manufacturer" from the Automation Automation.
Labeling machine manufacturers, as the name suggests, are manufacturers of labeling machinery. Unlike distributors, manufacturers have their own processing workshops, production lines, plant facilities and other basic factory characteristics.
With the rapid development of e-commerce, a large number of labeling machine product sales information has also begun to flood on the Internet. Everyone is propagating under the banner of labeling machine manufacturers. Actually, they do not produce labeling machinery themselves, but from other manufacturers. Taking the goods and selling them to consumers has caused some trouble for customers and friends who want to buy directly from the manufacturer. So how to quickly identify the production labeling machine manufacturer in so much information has become a headache. Let me teach you a few ways to initially determine whether it is a genuine labeling machine manufacturer.
1. Hold valid "three certificates" certificates, including business licenses, organization code certificates, and tax registration certificates. The certificates must be within the validity period;
2. Have its own production plant, including the most basic departments such as machining workshop, assembly workshop, debugging workshop, and product display workshop; if there is no processing workshop, assembly workshop, it can basically be judged that it is not a labeling machine manufacturer;
3. It has its own official website, which is rich in content, with rich pictures and texts (you can also pay attention to the website, whether the website is related to the brand or main product, and see if there is any clues), there is only one page or "official website" with little content , It is recommended to consider carefully;
4. There are toll-free 400 numbers. Although the 400 number cannot explain important issues, it is easy to handle, but for regular manufacturers or enterprises, 400 telephones are indispensable as part of their brand image. This is a small factor to consider;
The above are the necessary factors, the following are the most important last three points:
5. Whether the actual business address and the license address are the same, if they are two different addresses or are very different, one male and one north, be cautious;
6. Whether to accept irregular visits to the factory. Why do you want to say that it is irregular? It is to avoid an appointment time and to be fully prepared to take you to other manufacturers’ labeling machine workshops. From time to time, inform the other party that you want to visit, but you are going to inspect your labeling machine at the same time. It is best to ask if the machine is ready and whether it can be inspected, otherwise it will waste time and energy back and forth.
7. You can ask the video to show the manufacturer's environment during the call to see if there are any factors mentioned above. Real labeling machine manufacturers are willing to video.
In this process, customers and friends can explore more to determine if it is a real labeling machine manufacturer. Practice makes perfect. So how to choose a labeling machine manufacturer? Is it necessary to choose famous brands and scale? Chongkong believes that it is not necessary, especially the labeling machine equipment. The scale is actually not important. What is important is that you have really bought an automatic labeling machine that is easy to use and especially suitable for your products. This is because:
First of all, the famous brand or scale only represents the past and the present to a certain extent. The labeling machine is a rapidly developing industry. There are no shortage of newcomers in every industry and every industry; for example, wearing clothes, some like to wear famous brands, but no one can guarantee that all famous brands are good clothes. This is the truth.
Secondly, the performance of the labeling machine equipment mainly depends on the understanding and thoroughness of the combination between the equipment structure and the technical application by the talents of each manufacturer, and whether each structural part and each technical application can be fully utilized. Form a complete system. This is mainly considered in terms of operational performance.
Therefore, when choosing a labeling machine manufacturer, choose the one that is most suitable for your product labeling and the one that knows your product labeling best. Choosing a labeling machine manufacturer is like picking your own shoes. The one that suits you is better. There is no best.
骉Control Automation is a professional labeling machine manufacturer in Dongguan. The company solves automatic self-adhesive labeling solutions for the majority of small and medium-sized customers based on the belief of honest management. Customers and friends are always welcome to visit the factory and negotiate business.

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