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The development history of China's self-adhesive labeling machine technology

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Development history of labeling machine in China:
The development of labeling machines in China has developed from the 1880s to the present day, and it is considered a very young sunrise industry. The industry has developed rapidly in recent years. The labeling machine industry in packaging equipment has gradually risen, and it has quickly gained a certain degree in packaging equipment. Consumers understand that the product’s intuitive first vision is to obtain information through food packaging labels. Therefore, labeling machines play an important role in packaging equipment. Nowadays, the development of various enterprises is inseparable from mechanical equipment, which makes the labeling machine develop rapidly, and it is widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical, wine, beverage, cosmetics, electronic hardware and other industries. The introduction of the labeling machine has greatly improved the production efficiency of the enterprise, and the appearance and packaging of the product has also achieved good results. The self-adhesive labeling machine entered the public's field of vision on this occasion.
According to statistics, the global demand for packaging machinery is expected to grow at an annual rate of 5.3%. Packaging equipment manufacturers are mainly concentrated in the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy and China, and the United States packaging machinery has formed an independent and complete packaging machinery system, and its variety and output rank first in the world. However, China's productivity cannot be underestimated. It is understood that China's total label production and consumption are close to that of the United States, which shows how active the Chinese packaging market is.
The development of labeling machines has given birth to the development of self-adhesive labeling machines. In recent years, the self-adhesive labeling machine and labeling machine have been developed to cater to the increasing demand of consumers for the specialization and diversification of products, thanks to the surge of new products, and consumers’ The expectation of shape choice is increasing, and consumers' demand for convenience food is increasing. Compared with traditional labels, self-adhesive labels have the advantages of no brushing, no paste, no dipping, no pollution, and saving labeling time. The application range is wide, convenient and fast, which directly stimulates the multiple-stage growth of the self-adhesive labeling machine. Although the self-adhesive labeling machine has only gone through a few short springs and autumns in China, its technology has undergone several innovations. The following is a brief review of the development process of the self-adhesive labeling machine technology:
The first generation of self-adhesive labeling machine is produced, as shown below:

The self-adhesive labeling machine at this stage cannot be called a labeling equipment in the true sense. Because of its extremely rough structure, the equipment is extensive and has no technical content at all. It only relies on chains with simple brakes to match the movement of the machine. The machine needs to rely on manual feeding, foot control and other obvious operating methods, such as the card at the time. machine. This can be regarded as the first great attempt of a self-adhesive labeling machine. From the past glue and paste labeling machines, it is a new and innovative standard, and it is a milestone guide for the development of future self-adhesive labeling machines and labeling machines. effect.

The second generation of self-adhesive labeling machine:

The self-adhesive labeling machine at this stage has made considerable progress in motion control. One of the most notable features is the introduction of motors and PLCs. With the PLC labeling machine, motion control has finally made substantial progress. Relying on the powerful functions of the PLC, the self-adhesive labeling machine at this time can already complete the control of the motion action, reducing the number of errors and errors in the labeling process. . The simple and easy-to-operate characteristics of PLC have a high degree of consistency with the development direction of self-adhesive labeling machine equipment. The development of labeling machines has been inseparable from PLC, but at this time the control method of inching switch still has a certain degree of trouble and inconvenience.

The third generation of self-adhesive labeling machine:

After having tasted the benefits of PLC used in self-adhesive labeling machines, the needs of equipment manufacturers and the market are no longer just satisfied with this. So there is the application of touch screen (touch screen) in self-adhesive labeling machine. The most notable feature of the self-adhesive labeling machine at this stage is that all movement operating parameters of the equipment are programmed and displayed on the touch screen and are adjustable. From the perspective of the development history of the self-adhesive labeling machine, it can be regarded as the development stage of the self-adhesive labeling machine. At this time, the labeling machine has made a huge leap compared with the past in terms of function and adjustment, mainly in the following aspects:
1. Realize intelligent, human-computer interaction and friendly operation interface. The operation of the self-adhesive labeling machine can be fully displayed on the touch screen and can be adjusted and speed adjusted arbitrarily.
2. The operation is simple, the PLC function and characteristics are further exerted its power, and the movement control is convenient, and the previous equipment is finally hard to beat.
3. The adjustment methods and methods of labeling quality and precision are diversified.
4. The equipment structure and the application of accessories tend to be used reasonably, and the labeling quality is getting higher and higher.
The fourth generation of self-adhesive labeling machine:

In the past year or two, facing the development status of self-adhesive labeling machines, and deeply aware of the gap between domestic packaging machinery and foreign countries, a small number of self-adhesive labeling machine manufacturers have tried to push the development of self-adhesive labeling machines to high-speed, high-performance and Very personalized road development. Econ Automation is constantly trying to explore in this area, and has achieved a lot of preliminary results.
First of all, more cutting-edge advanced technologies have been invested in the perfect application of self-adhesive labeling machines. A high-end configuration device does not necessarily equal a good device. The optimization of the equipment structure, whether the combination of technology and equipment is excellent, high speed and high stability are the advantages and disadvantages of measuring the performance of a piece of equipment.
Secondly, the whole machine is optimized as a whole, programming parameters are all upgraded, diversified production requirements are increased, optional adjustments are added, parameters are set pertinently, and the operation steps are further simple. Need or upgrade in the future to provide options.
Finally, personalization is aimed at the implementation of the plan. The self-adhesive labeling machine must follow this path under the market segmentation conditions. Regarding individualized operation, each self-adhesive labeling machine has its own plan, which can be regarded as a trade secret issue, so I won’t discuss it for now.
If you need to know more about personalized operation plans or have needs in this regard, you can contact E-Control Automation.
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