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How can labeling machine manufacturers increase the added value of their products for customers?

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Is there any way for labeling machine manufacturers to propose "high value-added" suggestions to customers? Is there any way to increase the added value of their products? One method is cost control, but also to understand the labeling machine and self-adhesive label process and value. Explained separately as follows:
1. Cost control
The cost control here includes the control of both the labeling machine manufacturer and the enterprise where the customer is located. The reasons are as follows. First, according to the crudest profit algorithm, revenue-expenditure = profit. The increase in profits ultimately depends on the increase in product value, which involves the issue of added value. Under the premise of the same specifications and quality, increasing the added value of products is the most direct and common way to increase profits. This requires better cost control as a labeling machine manufacturer, providing better cost-effective labeling equipment, as the customer itself, reducing various costs and increasing the vitality of the enterprise. Second, as an important part of the packaging machinery industry, the importance of labeling machines for product packaging has undergone earth-shaking changes. People no longer simply pursue material satisfaction, but upgrade their consumer products to visual, psychological, and The pursuit of spiritual enjoyment. This is the driving force behind the growth of the packaging machinery industry and labels, including the self-adhesive label industry. Therefore, as a labeling machine manufacturer, it is necessary to use its own mechanical equipment advantages and the perfect combination of labels to give customers the most beautiful and most moving “coat” that makes people feel that this is a very high-end and expensive “coat” ".

2. The advantages of labeling machine manufacturers and labeling machinery

The emergence of automatic labeling machines can be said to liberate productivity from the fundamental situation. Machines replace labor. This is a manifestation of progress in any era. Imagine that a labeling machine can handle the workload of 20 or more workers. Imagine the original manual labeling of large and long labels. Imagine that this labeling equipment can work 24 hours a day without any complaints. I haven't had a good temper, and this is directly attributable to the efforts of the labeling machine manufacturers. Of course, manufacturers cannot be satisfied with the status quo. After all, the gap between the level of domestic labeling machines and foreign countries is still there. If they want to provide customers with more exquisite and beautiful labeling services, each company has to spend hard work on technology and talent training. Invest.
Three, the role of self-adhesive labels
Self-adhesive labels have the advantages of no brushing, no paste, no dipping, no pollution, saving labeling time, etc., and they have a wide range of applications and are convenient and fast. All kinds of self-adhesive labels can be applied to materials that ordinary paper labels cannot do. It can be said that self-adhesive labels are a kind of universal label. This kind of universal label is not only tidy and hygienic on the product packaging, but also has an obvious effect in improving the added value of the product. A mineral water customer of Mingkong Automation took the lead in using self-adhesive labels for the labeling production of mineral water outer packaging in its local tourist area. The result was unexpected. This kind of mineral water monopolized the local high-end tourist hotels and leisure Drinking water in entertainment venues,
And it has become a special mineral water, which is quite expensive, and it is more expensive than oil.
Under normal circumstances, small and medium-sized enterprises have a lot of complaints about the high cost of self-adhesive labels. Relatively use familiar paste labels. Self-adhesive labels are indeed expensive, and some sell for one dollar. Automation believes that it should be tried on the premise that the added value of the product can be improved. If the cost of this added value increase is still not as good as the original realization of your product, this need not be considered.
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