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BK-302 red wine labeling machine video

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Video of BK-302 automatic red wine labeling machine, the working principle of red wine labeling machine: put the red wine on the conveyor belt (can be connected to the assembly line)-separate bottles-label (automatically realized by the equipment)-collect the labeled products. It can carry out professional labeling for Bordeaux bottle, burgundy bottle, champagne bubble bottle, Alsace bottle, ice wine bottle, Rhône valley bottle, etc. It can be labeled with single label and double label. For wine import/export labels, the difference between the semi-automatic wine labeling machine and the automatic wine labeling machine is that the semi-automatic wine labeling machine has high precision but slow speed. The automatic wine labeling machine has a very fast side labeling speed and can be ordered The production line can also be connected to the production line, and one device can be compatible with a variety of red wine bottle-shaped labels with a slight adjustment. Selection principle, small output choose semi-automatic red wine labeling machine, large output and more use automatic red wine labeling machine, the most important thing is that it can replace all the problems caused by manual labeling, such as different positions, unsatisfactory effects, bubbles, and slow speed. For more questions, please contact customer service or enter your phone number on the right for free consultation, 7*24 hours labeling machine contact number: 18824339119 0769-83305586

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