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BK-311 semi-automatic wine labeling machine video

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The video of the BK-311 semi-automatic wine labeling machine has been promoted by the editor for more than a year. Many customers use manual labeling of red wine. The labeling requirements for personnel are relatively high. If you do not pay attention, there will be bubbles in the labeling. Wrinkles, the labeling position is different, and the other is that the cost of personnel will be relatively high. A person’s monthly salary is 2,000 yuan, and the salary will be 24,000 in one year and 48,000 in two years. In addition, it must be delivered to the agency. Premiums, accommodation, food, and occasionally the labeling staff will take a leave of absence to delay delivery. The more people, the higher the cost. For this reason, our company has made a professional wine labeling machine for red wine. As in the video, the operation is very simple, fast, and the labeling accuracy is high. It can apply single label, double label, front and back label, and imported red wine. The label covers the English label, and the English label for export red wine covers the Chinese label. If the output is large, our company also has a fully automatic wine labeling machine. For more questions, please contact customer service or enter your phone number in the right window for free consultation. For 7*24 hours labeling machine inquiry, please call 18824339119.

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