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On-site customer of mobile phone labeling machine in Dongguan City (Guangdong Province)

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The following is a detailed description of the Dongguan labeling machine case (mobile phone shell labeling machine):

Customers come from the HTC Group, a well-known smartphone brand in Taiwan, and its HTC one smartphones are deeply loved and trusted by young people. In November 2014, in order to expand the production scale, we purchased a fully automatic flat labeling machine from our company. The product pictures are as follows:

The automatic flat labeling machine shown in the figure above is mainly suitable for flat labeling or self-adhesive film on all kinds of objects, such as mobile phone shells, mobile phone inner shells, books, stationery boxes, cartons and other planes. Applicable products: requirements Products with labels or films attached to flat and large arc surfaces; this device has the characteristics of fast labeling speed, high precision, simple operation, and excellent performance. Let's take a look at the customer labeling samples:

It can be seen that the curvature of the mobile phone shell is still very large, and it is easy to produce bubbles and wrinkles when using a fully automatic flat labeling machine, which can even be said to be unavoidable. Another factor is that the mobile phone shell may also be displaced during the transportation process, which makes the labeling unstable. After the technical engineer of the Congkong added a guide rail device on the conveyor belt to limit the transportation path of the mobile phone shell, and added technical means to eliminate the air bubble and wrinkles, the customer finally approved the equipment of the Cong control. The following is the Dongguan labeling machine customer-the mobile phone shell labeling machine is shipped Scenes:

Thank you htc group for the support of the automatic flat labeling machine. If you have a mobile phone to automatically label and apply film, it is recommended to purchase another automatic mobile phone filming machine from our company, the speed can reach 130pcs/min or more.

Announcement: After the revision of the official website of Mingkong Automation, the country's field customer cases are officially launched. Customers and friends can refer to cases similar to their own products for more details. The case is being updated one after another, so stay tuned. ——Earth Control Automation

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