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Field customers of labeling machines in Jingzhou County (Hunan Province)

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Customer Success Stories of Labeling Machines in Hunan Province:
The client comes from Xiangbaishi Liquor Co., Ltd., Jingzhou County, Hunan Province. It is a company specializing in the research and development, production and sales of bayberry and kudzu root, bayberry wine, bayberry beverage and a complete set of bayberry products, Poria and Pueraria lobata root wine in Yunnan Province. A leading enterprise, in December 2014, in order to expand production, we purchased our company's fully automatic multifunctional side labeling machine. The picture of the equipment is as follows: (click the picture to see the labeling machine details)

This equipment is suitable for the side labeling and neck labeling of square and round wine bottles and beverage bottles of Hunan labeling machine customers. It can label single side, double side and neck label at the same time. It can be applied to the side labeling of square or round bottles in the wine, beverage, daily chemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and fuel industries. The labeling speed is fast, the quality is good, and there is no bubble wrinkle phenomenon.

After the meticulous packing by the staff of Chongkong, the Hunan labeling machine is packaged and waiting for delivery! Looking at this behemoth, there is a baby full-automatic multifunctional side labeling machine controlled by Xing, and in two or three days, it will be working on the customer side of the Hunan labeling machine!

The following is the scene of the Hunan labeling machine customer's on-site work:

Our automatic multifunctional side labeling machine is flexibly connected to the filling line of Hunan Xiangbaishi factory for online labeling. After the on-site engineer has debugged and stabilized, the batch labeling accuracy can even be as high as 0.5mm, which is suitable for the automatic labeling machine. In terms of accuracy, it is quite high. As a result, the customer is quite satisfied with the equipment controlled by the eye.

If your product is similar to the above Hunan labeling machine customer, but you don’t need to apply neck labeling, it is recommended that you choose the automatic double-sided labeling machine with a labeling accuracy of ±1±mm and a speed of 40~150. pcs/min.

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