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Labeling field customers in Guangzhou (Guangdong Province)

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Guangzhou labeling machine case details:
The client comes from Guangdong Wenhua Bookstore Co., Ltd., which is a company mainly engaged in books and stationery. It has been engaged in the education book industry in Guangzhou for nearly 20 years. In May 2014, I purchased the automatic flat labeling machine BK-601 from our company. The picture of the equipment is shown in the figure below:

The automatic flat labeling machine used by customers in Guangzhou this time is suitable for labeling or sticking stickers or bar codes on the upper surface of various items, such as book flats, folders, boxes, stationery boxes, cartons and other flat objects. Labeling can be widely used in books, printing, stationery, food, daily chemicals, electronics, medicine, and other industries. The following picture is a sample labeling of this equipment:

The automatic flat labeling machine used by the Guangzhou labeling machine customer can reach a speed of 150pcs/min, which greatly meets the needs of customers. This equipment is not only easy to operate, but also can be flexibly added with a suction device, which is suitable for light and soft items. Flat labeling, such as PE bags, etc.

If your output is quite small, it is recommended to purchase our semi-automatic flat labeling machine, click here for details.

The following is the delivery scenario of Guangzhou labeling machine customer equipment:

Take advantage of the night to load the truck and deliver it, and you will be able to arrive at the Guangzhou customer's side tomorrow morning! Thank you Guangdong Wenhua Bookstore Co., Ltd. for its support and trust in the automation of Congkong. If you have books or stationery that need to be labeled, you can contact us. The labeling machine controlled by the seal is cost-effective and the service is good.

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