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Hong Kong labeling machine field customers

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Detailed introduction of successful cases of Hong Kong tobacco labeling machine:
The customer comes from Hong Kong Xiwannian Tobacco Co., Ltd., a tobacco company. In 2014, in order to expand the production volume, we purchased the automatic sub-card flat labeling machine BK-602 from our company. The following is the product picture of this labeling machine:


This automatic sub-card flat labeling machine purchased by Hong Kong tobacco customers is suitable for flat labeling on loose cigarette boxes, stick boxes or cans; all kinds of cards, paper, or square boxes on flat or Labeling or stickers on the side, bar codes, anti-counterfeiting codes, etc. It can be widely used for flat labeling of tobacco, cards, cartons, PE bags, and scratch cards. Working principle: The sensor detects the passing of the product and sends back a signal to the labeling control system. At the appropriate position, the control system controls the motor to send out the label and attach it to the labeling position of the product. The product flows through the labeling roller and the label is rolled. The attaching action of a label is completed. When the product passes through the card splitter, it flows into the conveyor belt of the labeling machine and the labeling machine realizes the whole labeling process. The following is a sample of Hong Kong herb customer labeling:

The above picture shows that Hong Kong customers have three shapes of cigarette products that require flat labeling, all of which are labelled by this fully automatic sub-card flat labeling machine. The customer is very satisfied with the equipment. The following picture shows the delivery of equipment from Hong Kong tobacco labeling machine customers:

If you have a demand for labeling cigarette products or cards or tobacco from Hong Kong customers as above, welcome to order the automatic sub-card flat labeling machine. Our company has advanced technology and many labeling machines have been sold to Hong Kong, Taiwan, In Macau and abroad, automatic labeling, you can rely on the automatic tobacco labeling machine.

Hong Kong:

Tobacco labeling machine|Kowloon labeling machine|——The first choice is to control the labeling machine.

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