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BK-301 glass bottle labeling machine video

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BK-301 glass bottle labeling machine video operation process: bottle loading (can be connected to the assembly line) —> product delivery (automatically realized by the equipment) —> product separation —> product inspection —> labeling —> labeling —> out of the bottle. It is more suitable for the automatic labeling of plastic, glass and conical flasks in chemical, health care, food, condiment and other manufacturers. It can be equipped with an automatic turntable bottle unscrambler, which can be directly connected to the front-end production line, and automatically feed bottles into the labeling machine to increase efficiency. It can be equipped with a ribbon coding and labeling machine to print the production date online, reducing the bottle packaging process and improving production efficiency. This equipment is simple and intuitive to operate, full Chinese display, complete functions, and adopts imported electronic components from world-renowned brands to ensure the stability and reliability of the machine. The labeling data has a strong memory and storage function (can be switched between 50 groups of different parameters at will without resetting). For more details, please contact customer service or enter your phone number in the right window for free consultation. 7*24 hours labeling machine contact number: 18824339119, 0769-83305586.

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