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BK-311A code semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine labeling small round bottle video

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 BK-311A Coding semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine labeling small round bottle video. The video shows PET small round bottle labeling PET small round bottle has strong applicability, PET plastic small round bottle is light in weight, high in transparency, and not easy to resist impact Fragmentation and other characteristics are widely used in daily necessities, daily chemical packaging and other fields. According to the customers we receive, 80% of the customers are labeling manually. The labor cost of manual labeling is relatively expensive, and it is easy to produce wrinkles and bubbles during the labeling process. If it is a transparent label, it is easy to have fingerprints and waste the label. , Like the small round bottle in the video, you can choose to use equipment to label, it can solve all the problems caused by manual labeling, and the equipment life is as long as 5-8 years, and the annual labor cost can be turned into profit. The operation method of this equipment is simple, put the product -> labeling (automatically realized by the equipment) -> take out the labeled product. You can paste the small round bottle for one week, half week, 2/3 week, etc.
(1) Precautions for choosing a small round bottle labeling machine: There are many types of small round bottle products with a small output. When the daily output is large, the automatic labeling machine can be used
(2) If the labeling is stable, how to determine whether the labeling machine is stable or not? Generally speaking, the labeling machine manufacturer will provide equipment for free trial labeling. You can paste a few more when labeling, and then check whether the labeling is stable. Whether the location is consistent.
(3) Is the operation simple? The larger the equipment, the more cumbersome the operation, the more technical content it has. On the other hand, the appropriate equipment is always tested and filtered from the user’s standpoint, which is mainly manifested in, for example, the labeling of a variety of products Is it easy to adjust the equipment? Does it have upgrade functions. For example, some products need to be labeled at present, but as the company grows, some need to put the production date, number and other information on the label, whether the equipment provides such a function, and controls all the labeling equipment When upgrading, you only need to install the printer instead of buying another device.
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