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BK-305 Automatic Horizontal Round Bottle Labeling Machine for Placing Blood Collection Plastic Tubes

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Video of BK-305 automatic horizontal round bottle labeling machine for blood collection plastic tubes. The equipment is suitable for labeling various blood collection tubes. It can also be compatible with a variety of blood collection tubes in one machine. It is more based on the labeling machine. With the addition of coding equipment, the production date, batch number, etc. can be printed on the label to realize the integration of labeling and coding. The output of blood collection tubes is relatively large. If manual labeling is used, the cost is high. In this case of shortage of human resources, equipment labeling can be used to save labor costs. For more questions, please contact customer service or enter your phone number on the right to directly consult the 7*24 hour labeling machine. Tel: 13712182582 0769-33215189

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