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Field customer of labeling machine in Nanning (Guangxi Province)

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The following are successful cases of labeling machines in Nanning:

The customer comes from Nanning. It is a company specializing in the business of stainless steel bowls, plates, and dishes. It has its own flat production line. In April 2014, in order to improve the packaging and labeling efficiency of stainless steel bowls, a fully automatic bowl was purchased from our company. Special labeling machine for discs, BK-607H is used for matching assembly line labeling production. The following is a picture of this labeling machine:

Automatic bowl and dish special labeling machine, suitable for automatic labeling of flat or curved surfaces of objects passing through the assembly line, such as stainless steel bowl and dish production line, plywood, wood board, PE bags, etc., on-line labeling, barcode, etc., It can be widely used in catering, food, wood board, film bag, food, daily chemical and other industries. The following is the labeling sample of this labeling machine:

It can be seen that the customer’s sample specifications are very large. The diameter of the stainless steel plate ranges from 5cm to 16cm. The height of the stainless steel soup basin of individual products reaches 6cm in Shenzhen. This puts a severe test on the speed requirements of the assembly line labeling. Later, in order to label at a higher speed, the engineers of the company replaced the conveyor belt with better motors and electric eyes for customers. Please click on the red text above to watch: Fully automatic flat assembly line labeling machine.

The following is the delivery picture of Nanning labeling machine (stainless steel bowl and plate labeling machine):

I would like to thank Nanning customers for their support and trust in the stainless steel bowl and plate labeling machine and the automatic bowl and plate labeling machine.

If your output is very large, it is recommended that you purchase our multi-head assembly line labeling machine, the speed can be doubled from the basic value of 60~250pcs/min. ——Earth Control Automation

Announcement: After the revision of the official website of Mingkong Automation, the country's field customer cases are officially launched. Customers and friends can refer to cases similar to their own products for more details. The case is being updated one after another, so stay tuned. ——BIaoKong Automation

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