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Beihai City (Guangxi Province) Labeling Machine Field Client-Semi-Automatic Flat Labeling Machine

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The following introduces a cooperating customer of Beihai labeling machine, Guangxi Beihai Tongtai car care products, Tongtai is a company mainly engaged in car beauty products. The company purchased a semi-automatic flat labeling machine from our company on May 12, 2014. The following picture shows the picture of the machine and related labeling product pictures:

This semi-automatic flat labeling machine applies suction labeling method to label, and realizes flat labeling on various workpieces, such as automotive supplies flat bottles, cosmetic flat bottles, paper boxes, packaging boxes, plastic cap labeling, etc. , Can be widely used in automobile beauty, food, cosmetics, daily chemical, chemical and other industries. The whole machine is easy to operate and has high labeling accuracy. Compared with manual work, it increases production output.

Let's take a look at the samples of Beihai customers, as shown in the figure below:

It can be seen from the figure that the size of the square bottle of the customer’s product is still relatively large, and the label used is also relatively large. The use of suction stickers can solve the problem of air bubbles. Therefore, our engineers specially customized the fixture for this product. The side is slightly curved. In the case of empty cans labeling, it is necessary to consider whether the labeling is whether the can body will be pressed down to affect the labeling effect and other factors.
Later, through the concerted efforts of the control engineers, the customer satisfied the labeling effect. The following is the delivery scene of the semi-automatic flat labeling machine ordered by the Beihai customer:

After the box is sealed, this semi-automatic flat labeling machine will go to Beihai, Guangxi. Our machine is not going to play in Yintan, I am going to "add clothes" to the car beauty products, hehe. Many thanks to Guangxi Beihai customers for their support to the matching equipment, and I wish Tongtai's business more and more prosperous, and the financial resources are coming!
——BiaoKong labeling machine

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